One of the most classic “California” words used by young and old is …totally.  I had to chuckle when I saw the announcement this morning that the California Emergency Management Agency has partnered with the California Seismic Safety Commission (CSSC) and California Earthquake Authority (CEA) to launch “Totally Unprepared” just in time for National Preparedness Month!   This totally California multimedia campaign is geared to help Californians (actually anyone!) better understand their risk of earthquakes and how to prepare for them.

Twitter Republic By Laughing Squid
Drop, cover and send a tweet? Twitter "blows up" during Virginia earthquake

Today the first in a series of videos showing Californians taking simple steps to keep themselves safe in the event of an earthquake.  The first video features former NFL star Vencie Glenn as he admits he wasn’t prepared and actually suffered damages from a recent earthquake.  The best part is that he learns what to do to safely secure his home and safeguard his property from damages.

Virginia Earthquake Usgs1Each Tuesday, different online resources and new videos will be released through March of 2012.   The campaign hopes to leverage the power of social media in getting the word out.  A special 30-minute program is also being aired on twelve California Public Television Stations throughout the month of September.

In addition to weekly videos, the Totally Unprepared campaign will incorporate the use of other social media sharing, blogging, and an accompanying website dedicated to spreading the message of preparedness.  The use of these familiar online channels encourages the public to not only participate but share the message among their own networks and beyond.

The Totally Unprepared campaign centers around two web-based television series created by a veteran of reality television.  In addition, the campaign is supported by a website containing news, resources, preparedness tips, and regular blogs.

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Haven't signed up for this years Shake Out exercise? There is still time! Go to

Connect with Totally Unprepared for the latest information and resources at the following websites: