ECDC Risk Assessment


ECDC has issued an excellent white paper risk assessment on the H7N9 outbreak in China.  It includes an thoughtful history, risk assessment and recommendations. You can download it by clicking on the link below….

Virology “Down Under” – Great Resource!

I stumbled onto a fabulous website called Virology “Down Under” maintained by Ian M. Mackay.  He is a Group Leader and adjunct Associate Professor (Faculty of Science and Faculty of Health Science, University of Queensland).  It is fabulous information.  Incredible detail and well presented material.  Check it out!!!!  Here is his 13 April summary:


Latest Case Count

Chinese media has announced 63 cases, 14 deaths and the one seven year old boy who is a asymptomatic carrier.

Chinese Media Say EAT Chicken!

And lastly….

Really….Australian Public Radio reports that Chinese state media have urged people to keep eating chicken and help revive the country’s poultry industry, even as the number of bird flu deaths rises to 14. The Chinese poultry industry lost 10 billion yuan (USD $1.6 billion) in the week after the H7N9 bird flu virus began infecting humans.


It’s often about money isn’t it?