Chinese Media Says Bird Flu Under Control

Chickens Caged China

Xinhuanet  reports that experts say, there is no cause for panic and the virus is under control. (Really…under control?!?!?!?)

A quiet battle against bird flu. By Monday, 60 infections had been reported in China, with the death toll standing at 13. On Monday, a suspected new case of bird flu virus was reported in the Chinese capital. Bao Zhongying is an expert on the virus. She says the increasing number of cases does not change the overall risk assessment. So far, no evidence of human-to-human transmission has been found, and there is no cause for panic.

Great Article in Scientific America from Helen Branswell

This is a great account from scientists and concerned researchers explaining why this should be taken seriously.  Read it!

Case Count

Xinhuanet reports that there is a total of 77 H7N9 cases including 16 cases that have ended in death. Here is the official score card as of 16 April 2013, at 2000.

  • Shanghai: 30 cases, 11 deaths
  • Jiangsu Province: 20 cases, two deaths
  • Zhejiang Province: 21 cases, two deaths,
  • Anhui Province 3 cases, 1 death.
  • Beijing: 1 case
  • Henan Province: 2 cases