The World Health Organization (WHO) reported last week that it will continue to monitor the H1N1 influenza pandemic. The WHO is still monitoring the virus and watching how it behaves in the rest of the southern hemisphere winter. A WHO spokesperson said  “We’re still in phase 6 and it is still a pandemic.”  According to the WHO’s  most recent weekly statistics released on July 16, H1N1 has killed more than 18,000 people globally.

Worldwide, overall pandemic influenza activity remains low. The most active areas of pandemic influenza virus transmission currently are in parts of South Asia, West Africa, and Central America.

Overall, in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere (North America and Europe), pandemic and seasonal influenza viruses have been detected only sporadically or at very low levels during the past month.

The WHO declared the H1N1 pandemic on June 11, 2009, after more than 70 countries reported cases of H1N1 infection.