The Four Pillars of Pandemic Planning

I am what is called an “all-hazards” planner, which means that my firm writes plans that are appropriate for all/most disasters.  Pandemics however are much different and require a different approach.  We have written hundreds of pandemic plans since 2003 and believe that pandemic plans are built upon four basic and distinct pillars:

  1. Education and communication.
  2. Personal protective equipment (PPE).
  3. Facility cleaning.
  4. Social distancing.

I recently wrote an article that has just appeared in the Disaster Resource Guide that is now available to download.  Although this article was written for business it is just as applicable for a public sector agency, a not-for-profit or faith-based group.  Take a look at the article and compare our recommendations to your current plan and see how it measures up.

It is never too late to tweak your plan to make it more effective.