Sign up now to have important CDC information about H1N1 flu and other topics delivered directly to your mobile phone! In September 2009, CDC launched a three-month text messaging campaign pilot to share important, timely health information directly to users. Your feedback is very important and the CDC is anxious to receive your input during this pilot.

To subscribe to the pilot, text HEALTH to 87000. Once you sign up for this pilot, you will be asked a few questions and begin receiving short health tips from CDC. Subscribers can expect to receive about three health messages a week during the three-month pilot. Standard text messaging rates will apply. You can opt out at any time by simply replying HEALTH QUIT.

A New Mobile Program From Cdc...just Text Cdc And Stay Informed.
A new mobile program from CDC...just text CDC and stay informed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I sign up?
    Send a text message with the word HEALTH in the body of the message to 87000.
  2. Is there a cost?
    CDC does not charge subscribers to participate in this pilot program. Standard text messaging rates from your wireless carrier may apply.
  3. How many messages will I receive?
    When you sign up, you will receive four introductory messages/questions. After that, you should expect to receive three health tips each week.
  4. How do I opt out?
    You can opt out at any time by sending a reply with the word HEALTH QUIT in the body of the message.


Your Mobile Source For Credible Health Information
Your Mobile Source for Credible Health Information

CDC’s health information is now available on your mobile device.

Visit on your mobile phone or PDA for information on seasonal flu, H1N1 flu, public health emergencies, and more. This site is designed to be easily read and navigated from mobile devices and will soon feature even more health and safety topics.


The Emergency Committee held its fifth meeting, via e-mail, concluding on 23 September 2009.

The Committee considered a proposal from the WHO Director-General regarding the continuation of three temporary recommendations issued under the IHR with respect to the on-going public health emergency of international concern. There was a consensus on continuing the three temporary recommendations proposed by the Director-General.

Having considered the views of the Emergency Committee, and the ongoing pandemic situation, the Director-General determined it was appropriate to continue these temporary recommendations, namely:

  • countries should not close borders or restrict international traffic and trade;
  • intensify surveillance of unusual flu-like illness & severe pneumonia; and
  • if ill, it is prudent to delay international travel — if ill after travel seek care.