It’s not the “usual” flu

One of my favorite, forward-thinking health thinkers is Trust for Americas Health – a well-known and trusted health policy group. They have been beating the drum regarding pandemic preparation for some time.  Several years ago the organization issued a simple brochure entitled “Its Not Flu As Usual” aimed at teaching businesses and their employees about what they need to know about pandemic flu planning.  It is even timelier today as we all look towards the Fall.

The document explains what a pandemic can do to a business and it includes:
•    Key differences between seasonal and pandemic flu
•    10 things a business can do to prepare for a pandemic
•    What To Do In The Event Of An Outbreak
•    Steps for Protecting Employees’ Health

The document is a free PDF full color brochure they can be downloaded from their site.

BTW – Trust for Americas Health is the group that delivered the spot on “lessons learned report” on June 4 which we wrote about in our blog..if you haven’t read it yet do so!  Some clear guidance for the fall.

As a gentle reminder, the official start of the Northern Hemisphere fall flu season (October 1) is 77 days away.