This Illustration From The Us Centers For Disease Control Shows An Influenza Virus Making Contact With The Respiratory Tract Of A Human, In The Very Beginning Stages Of An Influenza (Flu) Infection. (Image: Cdc)
This illustration from the US Centers for Disease Control shows an influenza virus making contact with the respiratory tract of a human, in the very beginning stages of an influenza (flu) infection. (Image: CDC)

This mornings case count is now 24 with an additional death overnight bringing us to 7 deaths total.

Laurie Garrett is a global health analyst and one of my favorite writers and thinkers on this topic – her book “The Coming Plague” is fabulous! ;-)

Anchor Marco Werman talks with Laurie Garrett about concerns that the new flu emerging in China could become a global problem.  She says in its early days, the new flu has all the hallmarks of a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean it will become one. Worth a listen!

This is a great time to get into social media if you are not yet – Twitter is one of the best ways to track what is going on.  If you don’t have a Twitter account, get one!