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Come and hear me speak at DRJ in Phoenix on September 26 @ 8:00 AM on the importance of the Golden Hour!

When faced with a fast moving and potentially catastrophic incident, what will make the difference in your ability to respond rapidly and effectively? Every organization is dealing with this issue as our current threats escalate in intensity and frequency. Ransomware, malware, Denial of Service attacks and cyber intrusions of all kinds have placed the laser beam spotlight on how effective we are as an organization in the first few moments and hours of a crisis.

The “Golden Hour” term was first described by R. Adams Cowley, MD, when he recognized that the sooner trauma patients reached definitive care – particularly if they arrived within 60 minutes of being injured – the better their chances of survival. It may sound like an odd comparison, but take a second look.  What your company does in those first few minutes and hour(s) makes all the difference in the world.  To do that, the first thing you need is a sound assessment and communication process and a crisis management team that knows their roles and responsibilities.

This fast-paced general session presentation will cover what you need to have in place to make that first hour truly golden for your organization.

Topics Covered

  • What is the “Golden Hour?”
  • Four Things You Need To Make the Most of Your Golden Hour
    1. Situational Awareness
    2. Assessment Process
    3. Know your “feeders”
    4. Exercise, exercise, exercise
  • Wild Card