The Giant Ebola Plush Toy, As Seen On The Giantmicrobes Website.
The giant Ebola plush toy, as seen on the Giantmicrobes website.


With the Ebola outbreak invading every aspect of our lives I suppose it is no surprise that it is now a toy. Really. A company called Giant Microbes had a full complement of every possible icky, awful, deadly and disgusting bug you can image. As they say in their marketing materials, the perfect way for parents and caregivers to explain the deadly and exotic disease to children. And this company is willing and ready to help in that process, and it has seen a dramatic spike in sales as a result.

Giantmicrobes Inc. was founded about a decade ago with the intention of creating stuffed toys based on the actual microscopic images of various microbes as an educational tool for caregivers and young children. They started with the common cold and it just…well, caught on from there! Before long, the company’s offerings expanded to a number of different of viruses and diseases, and the audience expanded with it.

About five years ago, the company began offering plush toys whose design was based on the microscopic image of the Ebola virus. Now, they are struggling to keep up with demand. And sure enough, if you go to their website you will see that they are “out of stock again.” Production in China has been ramped up for the Ebola plush toy!

And This Other Version Sounds Interesting - Primordial Putty! Also Comes In Flesh Eating!
And this other version sounds interesting – Primordial Putty! Also comes in Flesh Eating!

Their Ebola products – which include regular- and giant-sized plush recreations of the virus, as well a petri dish and something called “Primordial Putty” – are currently only available through the company’s website, but much of the rest of their line can be found in everything from hospital gift shops to college bookstores to medical supply stores.

Their last big seller? Avian flu!