Fire And Ice Combined - An Ice-Encrusted Truck Is Blanketed In Smoke After A Warehouse Fire In Chicago, On January 23, 2013.
Fire and Ice combined – An ice-encrusted truck is blanketed in smoke after a warehouse fire in Chicago, on January 23, 2013.

On January 23, 2013, Chicago firefighters battle a five-alarm blaze in at a warehouse on the city’s South Side, Bridgeport neighborhood.  The building, a huge vacant warehouse, went up in flames. Fire department officials said it was the biggest blaze the department has had to battle in years and one-third of all Chicago firefighters were on the scene at one point or another trying to put out the flames.


Complicating the scene was the weather — temperatures were well below freezing – in fact were in the single digits and the spray from the fire hoses encased everything in ice, including buildings, vehicles, and firefighting gear. It is the most eerie sight. A winter wonderland…sorta!

Here are a few photos – click on the link below for additional images.