Trying to get your arms and mind around social media?!?!  Stand in line – you aren’t alone!  These major communication tools have changed how we think, talk and communicate.  It has put the power of the Internet into everyone’s hands around the world.

A great blog on this very topic – idisaster 2.0 – just posted a great piece on effective use of Social Media for governments… the information is not just great for government but works for any business trying to figure this all out.

Social Media Government
The Social Media Visionary Kit has four short videos with lots of great tips and solid information on social media….
  • Adam Connor, Associate Manager of Public Policy for Facebook, gives 10 tips and best practices for governments looking to maintain a presence on Facebook.
  • Steve Ressler, founder of GovLoop, discusses social media and the government
  • David Kirkpatrick, author of The Facebook Effect, talks about how Facebook has changed the way government should communicate with the public and dealing with negative comments.
  • David Kirkpartrick, talks about the future of social media and how the government can use social media to improve communication and save money.

Check it out…