Last Month Chicago Flight Cancellations
Last month Chicago O’Hare  flight cancellations

Apparently there are no quick solutions to avert the kind of air-travel chaos that has occurred after an insider attack against an air-traffic control facility in Aurora late last month. Those of us in the business continuity world would say that the FAA had no DR plan. FAA Administrator Michael Huerta made a trip to the damaged FAA facility last week to check in on the progress to rebuild the fire-ravaged communications room at the Chicago Center. The new equipment that is needed to reopen the facility by Oct.13 has arrived and that “everyone is working very hard.”

What is amazing to me is that the FAA has no capability currently to prevent a future meltdown of airline service during interruptions in FAA air-traffic services. In other words, no DR plan. And apparently this circumstance will not change until the FAA’s long-term air-traffic modernization program, known as NextGen, comes on line in phases over roughly the next decade.

The fire occurred on September 26 when a distraught contract employee who now faces federal charges lifted tiles off the floor in order to cut cables to data and radio equipment and started a fire