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The tragic collapse of a construction crane in the TriBeCa area of Manhattan reminds us that there are many things that can close our office or limit our ability to work.  The crane came down shortly before 8:30 a.m., toppling onto Worth Street – spanning more than the entire length of a city block. It killed one person and seriously injured three others – it could have been much worse.

Many streets in the area have been closed, and the scene is crowded with emergency responders searching cars for anyone who might be trapped, as well as workers from utility companies to check gas lines.

If your office was in that block or the surrounding area, you would be closed for the day – maybe longer – as officials complete their required investigations.

A great narrative to exercise your incident (crisis) management team, communication and business continuity plans.  It is a classic example of what we call “ripped from the news” exercises.

Do this one today!