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Are you ready for the impact of a cyber breach? Do a cyber exercise to find out!

March 17, 2020 @ 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Coronado Springs Resport
1000 W Buena Vista Dr
FL 32830

The cyber threat is likely the greatest threat of our lifetime. What is your organization doing to prepare for the impact of an attack or breach? Many organizations are buying software, enlisting vendors and adding staff to prevent it from occurring, but what happens when it does? Experts all agree on one thing…it is simply a matter of when not if it will happen.

Few companies have serious plans for how they will respond to the impact of an actual cyber event – and even fewer stress test those plans. How can you prepare for the impact of a cyber-attack or breach? Conduct a cyber exercise! Such exercises force real-time situation analysis and decision-making and clearly demonstrates what you need in place in order to cope with the loss of technology.

This workshop shows Business Continuity Planners, Crisis Managers and their IT counterparts how to stage a cyber breach exercise that will test preparedness, reveal “hidden” circumstances and sharpen the responsiveness of everyone from top executives to front-line business managers and technologists.

Attend this session and learn how to go about developing a realistic cyber exercise that will challenge the Crisis Management Team, the technology staff and the business units. You will leave this workshop having thought out some key aspects of a cyber tabletop exercise, feeling better prepared to develop the exercise (and perhaps a bit more paranoid).

Topics Covered

  • What a cyber exercise is – and what it isn’t.
  • Eight critical elements that make a cyber exercise work.
  • What happens when everything quits working.
  • Cyber breach exercise design principles.


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