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This Emergency Response Best Practices white paper was aimed at healthcare facility managers however it is applicable to anyone who finds themselves in an emergency response role…those of us who probably face emergencies nearly every day. Some emergencies, however, are bigger than others. Issues facing healthcare are diverse, from disease outbreaks to power outages, severe weather, flooding, patient evacuations, and active shooters to name just a few.  As we begin reviewing our emergency preparedness plans to meet the new CMS guidelines, now is a good time to assess the level of emergencies and the appropriate response.

This white paper looks at the difference between a “routine” emergency and a “crisis” emergency. We will peel back how to approach the incident, how to get situational awareness, how to perform an assessment of the incident, and how to develop an incident action plan.

Topics Covered

  • Type of emergencies: Routine, crisis, and emergent.
  • Facility management teams – Roles, responsibilities, and methodologies.
  • Initial Assessment Team – Who should be on the team.
  • Assessment criteria – What criteria should always be considered.
  • Incident Action Plan (IAP) – How to write one.

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