Today a ground-breaking agreement was reached by delegates representing 195 countries in Paris to move away from carbon-based fuels – it has taken two decades to get to this place.

Business continuity and emergency management are all wrapped around climate change…who manages the impacts and effects of climate change…we do!

The NYT has published a really great, well-written article looking at the really hard questions and provides straightforward and easy to understand answers.

  1. How much is the planet heating up?
  2. How much trouble are we in?
  3. Is there anything I can do?
  4. What’s the optimistic scenario?
  5. Will reducing meat in my diet help the climate?
  6. What’s the worst-case scenario?
  7. Will a tech breakthrough help us?
  8. How much will the seas rise?
  9. Are the predictions reliable?
  10. Why do people question climate change?
  11. Is crazy weather tied to climate change?
  12. Will anyone benefit from global warming?
  13. Is there any reason for hope?

This article is worth your time and attention.  Pour a beverage (hot or cold), sit down and review the responses to these important 13 questions.  And then, do something.

Really…start now.