Mh 17There are things that you just don’t think about in a plane crash. Of course we are all focused on the people and the tragic loss of life. But there are other things that go missing and lost as well. The cargo manifest for MH 17 noted that there were two dogs, nine birds and about 100kg of medical supplies on board MH17.

According to the cargo manifest released by Malaysia Airlines, the medical supplies were among the items registered under the “special load” category. The supplies may or may not be related to the six-person delegation aboard headed for the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne.

The cargo manifest also showed that 1,452kg lithium batteries were being transported in the plane.

Dogs And Birds Part Of Mh 17 Cargo Manifest The cargo included pets – two dogs, nine birds including four pigeons. About 215kg of fresh cut flowers, textile, helicopter and aircraft parts as well as diplomatic mail were also part of the cargo.

The investigation is ongoing.