We have used this exact inject in many of our client exercises who in the course of their business possess sensitive and confidential client information such as social security numbers, health data or credit information. The exercise narrative could be a fire, tornado, flood, hurricane, explosion or any other event that causes the building to be damaged. The possibilities are endless.

Many of our clients say that would be awful but will never happen. The big warehouse fire in Brooklyn shows us all that it is indeed possible. What is your plan to secure highly sensitive client information? What are the fire suppression systems in place at your off-site storage facility? Many don’t have any – just like this massive warehouse in New York.

No lives were lost in the huge fire that gutted a storage building on the Brooklyn waterfront over the weekend. But the flames put plenty of lives on display as the crumpling warehouse belched up its contents: decades’ worth of charred medical records, court transcripts, lawyers’ letters, sonograms, bank checks and more.

The warehouse disgorged so many papers that they clogged the water-intake system of one of the fireboats aiming high-powered jets of water into the smoldering, ice-covered building, trying to smother flames that were still flaring up on Sunday. The current carried more papers to shore, luring people who paged through some documents, photographed others and kept more than a few as souvenirs.


Take this as an opportunity to ask vendors and make preparations.