Man On An Island

A well-trained Crisis Management Team (CMT) is critical to manage the many threats facing our companies today. Clearly identifying how they are organized, what their roles and responsibilities are, how incidents are assessed, and how it all comes together when the team and plan are activated is the hallmark of a fully-functional team and program. An Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is critical for effective management of an event. It allows for command, control, and communication, and also helps to prevent the formation of “silos” that commonly develop in an emergency environment. How do you do all of this virtually and make it work? This pre conference workshop covers everything you need to know to design, develop, train, and exercise your CMT, and organize your EOC to manage the most difficult incident.

Walk out of this DRJ Springworld Pre-conference workshop (March 24 – 25) with a solid plan of how to move forward in designing your crisis management program, plan and team.

CMT Development

  • The CMT – Who should be involved.
  • Team methodologies, including the Incident Command System.
  • Incident assessment, team, and processes.
  • Incident Action Planning.
  • Role of senior management.

EOC Development

  • Risk assessment – Where to have one.
  • Physical design factors.
  • Equipment and tools.
  • Communication concerns and solutions.
  • Sustained operations.
  • Forms and processes.
  • Virtual EOCs.

SPRING WORLD 2018 DRJ presents our 58th Conference! – March 25 – 28, 2018 – @drjournal