Hurricane No Show

Hermine, where are you?

Just what us continuity planners dread…a no show! Sounds odd but we all know that when people plan, prepare and nothing happens, they get cranky.  And in this case, many businesses lost a lot of revenue on what should have been a busy Labor Day weekend on the Jersey shore when Hermine didn’t show up!

Tropical Storm Hermine meandered slowly in the Atlantic more than 300 miles from land on Sunday. It still threatened some storm-surge flooding at the Jersey Shore, but merchants were fuming that forecasts had scared away vacationers, ruining a usually lucrative Labor Day weekend.

The National Hurricane Center predicted that the storm would bring a potentially deadly storm surge – a rising of the ocean beyond the normal tide – to the Shore at high tides and could possibly regain hurricane-force winds. New Jersey’s coastal areas remained under a tropical storm warning Sunday night as forecasters warned that the storm would move northward, then slowly turn north-northwestward on Monday. The National Hurricane Center at 11 p.m. Sunday said Hermine’s winds remained at 70 mph, just 4 mph shy of regaining hurricane status, and would be at or near hurricane strength offshore during the next 48 hours.

We all of course remember Hurricane Sandy and the havoc that caused along 1,100 miles of the Eastern coastline. This will likely prompt cries from many when the next storm comes along and the cry will be “We got ready for Hermine and nothing happened!”