As part of a program, “Keeping the UK safe in cyber space” the UK Cabinet Office, Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure has reissued their cyber security guidance for business. It was first issued in September 2012.

This advice is from security and intelligence experts across the UK government about how to prevent the majority of cyber (information technology) attacks, and how to manage common cyber risk. This guidance was just updated to include the document ‘Common Cyber Attacks’ which sets out what a common cyber attack looks like and how attackers typically execute them.

It is well worth your time to review and share with decision makers in your company.

  • 10 Steps: Summary
  • 10 Steps: A Board Level Responsibility
  • 10 Steps: Executive Companion
  • 10 Steps: Critical Areas
  • 10 Steps: Advice Sheets
  • 10 Steps: Infographic
  • Common Cyber Attacks