Man On An Island

If you have a Crisis Management Team, are developing one, or are retooling the one you have, plan to attend this critical session to learn the top three things you need to have to build a great team.

The goal of this session is to help create a great team and a great process in order to manage incidents, both large and small. There are three key things that are often missing in company teams and plans:

  • Crisis Management Team Structure and Processes. That includes clearly identified roles and responsibilities, a formal assessment process, and how to develop an Incident Action Plan (IAP).
  • Command Center Principals including location, process and staffing and information management. This is for both physical and virtual command centers.
  • Crisis Management Team Development is all about practice including formal and more informal exercise.

This session will touch on all three of those critical aspects of the successful Crisis Management Team.

Topics Covered

  • Incident Management Teams: Roles, responsibilities, and methodologies.
  • Initial Assessment Team and assessment criteria
  • Incident Action Plan (IAP): How to write one.
  • Command Center Principals
  • Crisis Management Team Development

Attend this fast-paced session to learn how to build, grow and maintain a great Crisis Management Team.