Are You Ready

Join me today as I explore the seven essential crisis leadership skills necessary to effectively manage a fast moving crisis.

Leaders today face extraordinary challenges – natural disasters, infrastructure and technology failures, emergent infectious diseases, and cyber invasions, to name just a few. These emergencies were thought at one time to be rare, one-in-a-lifetime events. They are now part of our everyday lives.

This presentation examines what constitutes excellent performance in a crisis, and what it takes to achieve it. This workshop explores the topic of leadership and what is required when the “everyday emergency” turns into a full-blown crisis. We will explore a framework for understanding the difference between a crisis and a routine emergency. Furthermore, we will thoroughly examine the role a leader plays in identifying and executing the appropriate response in each situation.

  • Developing a framework for crisis leadership – The essential crisis leadership skill set.
  • A leader’s role in a crisis.
  • The difference between the routine versus crisis emergencies.
  • The seven steps in crisis decision making.