Is this paranoia, or just good practice? Do you tape over your laptop camera? Should you?

Apparently even Mark Zuckerberg – founder of Facebook does. An eagle-eyed Twitter user named Chris Olson noticed that in an photo image of Mr. Zukerberg, his laptop camera appeared to be covered with tape. On further investigation, apparently he covers both his camera and microphone jack with tape.

The taped-over camera and microphone jack are usually a signal that someone is concerned about hackers’ gaining access to his or her devices by using remote-access trojans — a process called “ratting.” (Remote access is not limited to ratters: According to a cache of National Security Agency documents leaked by Edward J. Snowden, at least two government-designed programs were devised to take over computer cameras and microphones.)

Band-AidSecurity experts supported the taping and suggest that covering photo, video and audio portals has long been a basic and cheap security safeguard. Experts don’t have a good estimate for how often such attacks occur, but according to a 2015 report released by the nonprofit Digital Citizens Alliance, the practice is a growing problem for consumers, especially young women. The report went on to say also that trojans account for some 70 percent of all malware.

Where is that tape dispenser? ;-)