Screen Shot 2013-09-17 At 6.53.38 AmAs I was watching the live video that was broadcast on many worldwide channels continuously for over 24 hours…I was wondering how many other people are watching this effort worldwide?  When in our history has this type of effort been broadcast live to the world? And why has it captured all of our attention?

&Quot;Parbuckling” Operation
“Parbuckling” Operation


This engineering phenomenon tops the hubris of the captain and his arrogance and disregard that cost 32 people their lives and billions of dollars. It took over 500 technicians working for more than 24 hours to right the ship.  The 114,500-ton ship was pulled upright by a series of huge jacks and cables and left resting in 30m of water on underwater platforms drilled into the rocky seabed.  The cost for this one aspect of the project?  A mere 225m euro (U$300,411,000).

The “parbuckling” operation, in which the hulk was painstakingly rotated upright, took longer than the 10-12 hours estimated but engineers said it had gone exceptionally smoothly. As part of a salvage project estimated to cost more than 600m euro (U$801,096,000), the vessel will remain in place for several months while it is stabilized and refloated before being towed away to be broken up for scrap.  The ship is now resting on the platforms.

The multinational team of 500 salvage engineers has been on Giglio for most of the past year, stabilizing the wreck and preparing for the lifting operation, which has never been attempted on such a large vessel in such conditions.

Click on the link below to read the story and see a time-lapse video of the whole parabuckling operation done in 90 seconds.  Quite cool!