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The Issue

Regardless of industry, the modern organization is completely and irrevocably dependent on digital systems and networks. Conducting business in the absence of the established technology environment is virtually impossible, especially for periods longer than a small handful of days. All elements of the technology ecosystem that support the organization must be recoverable in timeframes that are consistent with business objectives.

What You Should Know

Today’s information technology systems are far more complex than was the case just a few years ago. The advent of cloud computing, a vast array of personal computing devices, ubiquitous wireless access, and a host of other technologies places more pressure than ever to have a comprehensive and effective technology disaster recovery plan. A key, and too often overlooked, point is that technology recovery timeframes must be driven by the business process recovery time frames established in the BIA. Finally, information technology recovery plans must be exercised and validated in conjunction with departmental business process recovery plans, to ensure full integration within the overall recovery scheme.

How EMSS Can Help

EMSS has the experience and expertise necessary to help guide the creation and validation of your organization’s technology disaster recovery plan. Beginning with a reconciliation of BIA recovery time objectives and existing technology recovery capabilities, EMSS can facilitate the sometimes difficult discussions that ultimately result in a cohesive and comprehensive organizational recovery capability.

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