Come and hear me speak at DRJ FallWorld in Phoenix tomorrow, September 20 @ 8:15 AM.  The session is a scary one… “If This Was All You Had…”

What if your company lost all of its systems? What if the outage was for an extended period of time? What if it went on for days or weeks… or even longer? Remember the Sony cyber breach? They operated with fax machines and pieces of paper for months. How would you cope if that was your future? Could you do it successfully? How would you continue to serve your customers and be there for your employees?

This general session explores this very somber topic and asks the very serious question, “How do you go manual?” Imagine that manual procedures were all you had.

The session begins with building the case about why this might be important for you and your team to spend time on this challenging question. It then peels back and explores how you go about doing the “impossible.”  Learn about the exercise that convinced the Bank of Canada that answering this question was an important effort, and how they went about it.

Topics Covered

  • What it means to really lose systems.
  • The kind of breach that might make this happen.
  • How to figure out how to go manual.
  • Determining your first steps.

This is a brave new world that we live in….I call it the world of nothingness. Attend and learn more about how to make it work. It’s not easy or pretty but will get you through.