New Handy Feature For Eqs (And Who Knows, Maybe More Disasters!)
New handy feature for EQs (and who knows, maybe more disasters to come served up this way!)

Up early to work on some client matters this morning and on a quick perusal of the news, saw there was an earthquake in China.  Being the good emergency manager that I am, I went to Google it and found that those handy computer geeks served up it for me in a little box directly below the search bar…and then the usual “searched items” below that.  Nice!




So… as reported by the state media, a relatively small (4.7) but strong, shallow earthquake struck a dry, hilly farming area in western China early Monday, killing at least 75 people, injuring more than 400, and destroying thousands of homes.

Residents reported shaking windows and swinging lights in communities where the quake hit near the city of Dingxi in Gansu province, a hilly region of mountains, desert and pastureland about 766 miles west of Beijing. Tremors were felt in the provincial capital of Lanzhou 110 miles north, and as far away as Xi’an, 250 miles to the east.