The Grim Video That Captured The Exact Moment That A High-Speed Passenger Train Derailed Outside Santiago De Compostela, Spain
The grim video that captured the exact moment that a high-speed passenger train derailed outside Santiago de Compostela, Spain

I am sure that you have seen it…the Spanish train starting to round a curve, going obviously way too fast and then back cars begin to whip into the sidewall and then it all comes apart.  Horrific.

What was the source of video that captured the moment that a high-speed passenger train derailed outside Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain killing over 80 people? The security-camera footage was leaked to the public via YouTube… the identity of the person who initially uploaded the video to YouTube remains unknown. As of today, it has been seen by over 1, 356,00 people since the accident.

The Spanish Development Ministry has validated that it was recorded by a security camera operated by ADIF, the Spanish rail infrastructure body. Even before the government confirmed that the leaked footage was authentic, an editor from El País told The Lede that the video was broadcast repeatedly on state television on Thursday without any claim from officials that it was false. The footage shows the train rounding a curve and then careening off the tracks, with some of the cars behind the engine appearing to jack-knife and slam into each other, which is consistent with accounts from passengers who survived the crash.

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