Emap_Web2009_LogoI don’t know what your reaction will be when you read this – I had two.

1. Kudos to CDC for this great accomplishment.

2. What do you mean that they are the first federal agency to attain full accreditation for its emergency management program??!??!  What about FEMA? ;-)

First of all, what is EMAP? The Emergency Management Accreditation Program, or EMAP, is a voluntary review process for state and local emergency management programs. Accreditation is a means of demonstrating, through self-assessment, documentation and peer review, that a program meets national standards for emergency management programs.

Here is their press release:

CDC received accreditation from the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) for its excellence in emergency management. CDC is the first federal agency to attain full accreditation of its emergency management program.

P1114-Accredited-Emergency-Management“CDC’s emergency management program has seen the nation through flu emergencies, multistate foodborne outbreaks, hurricanes and more,” said CDC Director Tom Frieden, M.D., M.P.H. “CDC is the first federal agency to attain full accreditation of its emergency management program.”

Accreditation means a program has completed the six step EMAP process, including a self-assessment, an on-site appraisal, and a committee review. The on-site assessment and follow up report includes a summary of compliance against 64 EMAP standards set out in the Emergency Management Standard. Included in the EMAP standards are program management; administration and finance; laws and authorities; operational planning; exercises, evaluations and corrective action; and crisis communication, public education and information.