The Buenos Aires Herald (BAH) reported some disturbing news regarding H1N1 outbreaks in Argentina today.
Argentina _New Deaths

  • The Argentine Association of Infectious Diseases today said that the number of people who contracted H1N1 in Argentina was “significantly above” the government’s estimates, however, he said the situation would be “under control within the next 20 days.”
  • Pablo Bonvehí, chairman of the association said, after the government reported that 17 people had died because of the illness in Argentina, that the number of deceased was “within the estimates,” regardless of the “shocking” number of cases reported.
  • The BAH confirmed that the hospital in the Buenos Aires municipality of Malvinas Argentinas would be evacuated in order to treat patients affected by the virus. The most critical patients will be hospitalized at this new flu hospital that has capacity for 100 people, provincial Health Minister Claudio Zin said. Nearly 20 percent of the province’s population is seeking doctors’ advice for H1N1 flu-like symptoms, especially Greater Buenos Aires. Hospitals are “overwhelmed” by this situation, Zin said.
  • In the City of Buenos Aires, where 4 people have died from influenza, surgeries were suspended in order to cope with the situation.
  • The health ministry of the province of Misiones confirmed today that a 30 year old man who lived in the town of El Soberbio, about 250km north of Posadas, became the first victim of influenza a (also known as swine flu) in the Argentine countryside. No further details were provided on the victim. He is the 18 confirmed death caused by the illness in Argentina, while 1,294 people have been infected with the N1H1 influenza virus. Five of which took place in Misiones.
  • Voters for the June 28 election are being told to plan on standing one meter away from each other while queuing for the voting booths.

Stay tuned and watch this carefully…it will be changing moment by moment.