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We live in strange times…Doomsday bunkers are trying to make a comeback…driven by fear, 2012 and anxiety…coming to a community near you?

When I was growing up in the 60’s in the central valley of California, there were a couple of families on my block that had a bomb shelter.  They were dark, a little creepy but boy, did they make great places to play in.  I have often wondered what happened to them.  Well, as they said in Poltergeist II, “they’re back!”

In the California Mojave Desert, a real estate entrepreneur is counting on the end of the world as we know it. He’s planning to build a string of luxury disaster shelters, with the first set to open near Barstow, California (think middle of no where) sometime this year. Individuals who are buying into this concept think it’s their best hope in the event of a massive natural disaster, terrorist attack or worse.

Robert Vicino, who runs the Del Mar-based company called Vivos, has collected deposits on half the 132 spaces planned in the 13,000-square-foot bunker in Barstow.

Excerpt from the Vivos Website – “People around the world are sensing that a global life-changing event is just ahead.  Vivos is the life assurance solution for you and your family to survive the next devastating catastrophe that either nature or mankind may create.  Our nuclear blast-proof shelters will provide you with up to one-year of autonomous underground survival, and a secure base to restart thereafter.  Join our community of members with a boarding pass for space in a Vivos turnkey shelter.”

The facility is among several popping up across the country as fears of doomsday have been fueled recently by strong earthquakes, terrorism and predictions of the world's end in 2012 when the ancient Mayan calendar is said to end.

With the end of the world apparently scheduled for December 21, 2012, there’s sure to be a number of companies looking to cash in on the upcoming apocalypse.  This is definitely a case of “buyer beware,” so before your plunk down your cash, check it out carefully!  Perhaps you should rent the wonderful animated film by Pixar called Wall-E before going any further!


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  1. As a nation, we’ve spent billions of dollars scaring and threatening the public to “motivate” disaster preparedness. There are many companies and organization poised to make lots of money if people are just afraid enough. There is no doubt that this company and others will do their part to increase the pending sense of doom.

    All of the beautiful aspects of preparedness are lost when we plummet to this level of “designer bunkers” for the few who can afford to invest in surviving the latest doomsday scenarios. While we can’t easily stop private sector companies from peddling fear and threat one day (soon, hopefully) we will say NO to government and quasi-government dollars being spent to scare and threaten the public.

    We are cultivating survivalists — not encouraging readiness — with this end-of-the-world/ doomsday thinking. I hope you will give equal billing to an opposite approach. Clearly, “preparing communities to be united, resilient and empowered” isn’t as catchy as “the apocalypse”, but it does have a certain charm.

    1. HI Ana- Marie,
      I couldn’t agree with you more….the point of this entry it to point out some trending and that this is actually going on…some of our colleagues may not know it…better to know this crazy sales efforts and be prepared with an appropriate response than to be caught off guard. Thanks for writing! Regina

    1. And that would be yes. Although I would assume that those who prescribe to those beliefs would say, “you wait!”. 😉

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