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Bring Your Old Pandemic To My BRMA Speech And Change It In Real Time AND the new threat…Zika Virus

pandemic-300x200I am speaking at BRMA (  in the San Francisco Bay Area on January 28. I will be talking about “Diseases That Come To Work: Measles, Whooping Cough, and More. Make Your Old Pandemic Plan Into Something That Will Work For Common Diseases, Too!”

Diseases seem to be popping up everywhere, but they’re not the catastrophic, once-in-a-lifetime outbreaks we had been planning for. Instead, they are common illnesses we thought were long gone thanks to the advent of vaccines such as measles, chickenpox, and whooping cough. Or ones we have never heard about before like the Zika virus.

Most of us have an old, dusty, and likely out-of-date pandemic plan tucked away in a creaky file cabinet. Pandemic plans to face that once-in-a-lifetime event are still needed, but companies also need a plan that will work with these more common – and more likely – diseases.

Bring your plan with you and learn how you can modify it to turn it into a document that will help you deal with these more common disease outbreaks, while still also providing guidance for the cataclysmic pandemic.


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