Today’s attack at Ohio State University is just one more reminder why this work is so important.  There is still time to sign up for the Dec 1 webinar…7 Best Practices for Active Shooter Preparedness.

EMS Solutions and Everbridge recently conducted a survey regarding active shooter preparedness. The survey showed that an overwhelming number of organizations are increasingly concerned about violent acts, such as an active shooter event, taking place in their facilities. This is not surprising given the events of the past few years. However, despite this concern, the majority of survey respondents said they were not properly prepared for an active shooter event. It is a bit disturbing to find that concern has not translated into action.

The survey revealed that:

  • While 69% of organizations viewed an active shooter incident as a potential top threat, 79% replied that their organizations were not fully prepared.
  • Communicating with and confirming the safety of those in an impacted building were seen as the biggest challenges during an active shooter situation (71% of organizations), yet 39% still said they did not have a communications plan in place.
  • Surprisingly, 61% of organizations do not run any active shooter preparedness drills at all.

This webinar attempts to help fill that gap by discussing the 7 Best Practices for Active Shooter Preparedness. Topics will include:

  • Workplace Violence Plan and Policy contents.
  • Active shooter emergency response procedures.
  • Employee training.
  • Relationships with local law enforcement agencies.
  • Workplace violence exercises.
  • Emergency communications.
  • Emergency notification systems.

Join Regina Phelps, Founder, EMSS, for a webinar on December 1 at 1:00 PM ET (10:00 AM PT) to explore active shooter preparedness. The goal of this webinar is to give you a solid background on what a good program looks like and then inspire you to go and create one for your company.  Time is a wasting!