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New Yorkers are now officially on notice. One of the biggest storms to ever strike New York City may be approaching, and authorities are urging people to stay indoors to avoid powerful winds, low visibility and “treacherous” road conditions.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued Blizzard Warnings for New Jersey all the way to Down east Maine, including the cities of Boston, Providence, Hartford and Portland affecting at least 28 million people. An additional 11 million people are under winter storm warnings, mostly in areas adjacent to the blizzard warning zone.

A Blizzard Warning means sustained winds or frequent gusts of 35 mph / 15 m/s or greater with heavy snow is forecast for a period of 3 hours or more. A blizzard tends to reduce visibilities to 1/4 of a mile (400 m) or less. A Severe Blizzard Warning is a variation issued in some cases of winds above 45 mph / 20 m/s and temperatures below 10 °F/-12 °C.

Now is the time to prepare and make sure you have the supplies you need for this potentially historic winter storm. Do not proceed with any travel plans in the affected areas late Monday and Tuesday or you could put yourself in great danger.

Have team calls Sunday night and early Monday morning and if necessary, activate your continuity plans.