Nothing Left As Shoppers Plan For Frozen Armageddon.
Nothing left as shoppers plan for frozen Armageddon.

Deserted roads, more than 3,300 canceled flights and panic buying make Atlanta a ghost town. Meteorologists say the South will be hit with a storm that only happens once every 10 or 20 years.

  • Forecasters warned that the storm could be even worse than one in 2000 that left thousands without power for days
  • Atlanta officials promise they are better prepared for the rain, sleet and freezing rain that is expected to pummel the city
  • City schools have been closed until Thursday and emergency preparations began in earnest on Monday morning
  • Already 3,000 flights have been canceled in Atlanta, Dallas and Charlotte
  • Storm to dump more wintry weather on North East on Thursday
  • Delta Airlines employees are sleeping on their planes because there are no hotel rooms across the South