El Hospital Posadas
Frightening words spoken by physicians today in Buenos Arias… “Desborde” (Overflow) “emergencia sanitaria” (health emergency), “superpoblación” (overpopulation).

These are the statements being issued by physicians at the Posadas Hospital in Buenos Arias.   They went on to say that a “health emergency should declared in the entire country and the health care centers are coming to collapse due to the large number of people who they have to care for with “various diseases and illnesses such as seasonal flu.”


Buenos Aires province Health Minister Claudio Zin acknowledged that the government is encountering “unexpected complications” in tasks to combat spreading swine flu in the province. Nevertheless, the minister downplayed the seriousness of the situation and sought to calm the provincial residents noting that “the mortality rate cause by the illness is not ‘so’ alarming.”

“We’re encountering unexpected complications” in dealing with the illness, and he specified the vulnerability of “pregnant women,” he added. Twenty-three people have already died in Argentina as a result of the illness, according to official data.

Argentina Schools_June 26
School absences are substantial. The leader of the teachers union in Buenos Aires province has noted that the number of absent children in the provincial schools is “alarming,” and estimated that about a third of the pupils in the province are failing to attend classes because of spreading swine flu.

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