This morning I was sipping tea and doing a little research for a client exercise.  The narrative?  Workplace violence.  This is a topic we are unfortunately very comfortable with…we have done at least a 100 workplace violence exercises in the past 15 years and sadly have had over 35 murders in our client population…

A CNN breaking news pops into my inbox…and like all the others for the past few days, I assumed it must be some Olympic announcement…some great skill, a wonderful accomplishment by a young talented person.

But no…

28694045 Ap Sikh Temple Shooting
At least 6 dead in a shooting at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, south of Milwaukee.

Sikhs?  I mean really…Sikhs?  They are known for their practice of tolerance and Seva or selfless service.  They are known for feeding anyone who needs a meal regardless of their creed, nationality or appearance. I have been to India ten times…I know them well and so respect them as a people and a faith. These devoted people went to temple on Sunday morning to seek God and to share communion with their friends, family and fellow believers. They were seeking peace.

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And on the same page another article caught my eye… the headline read…Supervisor was killed during meeting with disgruntled worker…. The supervisor who was shot and killed at Trans-Coil International Thursday evening was gunned down in his office during a meeting with a disgruntled employee who then killed himself.  George Hites, 58, of Milwaukee was shot multiple times by Thaiv Xiong, 23, of Milwaukee about 6 p.m. Thursday at the northwest side manufacturing plant.

Something is very wrong …

What can you do, what can I do?  We need to talk about this, have a dialogue, get involved, and take a stand.

If you are an emergency manager or business continuity planner, check your workplace violence policies and procedures, do training for all staff, conduct an exercise and be ready…in case it happens to you and your company.

Vigil Wilson
Take a moment to pray, to whomever and whatever you believe in..ask yourself the question…what will it take to resolve this anger and hatred and to stop this senseless killing?