Bird Inspectors In Shanghai
Bird inspectors in Shanghai

A fourth person has died of human H7N9 avian flu infection in China and another person is in hospital after contracting the virus, Chinese health officials announced on Thursday. These infections bring the death toll to four and the two more cases were reported bringing the total number to 11.

The latest death from the virus occurred in Shanghai, bringing the city’s death total from H7N9 to three. One person also died in Zhejiang province, close to Shanghai.

This Is No Doubt Underreported – Which Is Unnerving. The Google Map Plotting The Cases Comes Via George Chen, An Editor At The South China Morning Post.
This is no doubt under reported – which is unnerving. The Google map plotting the cases comes via George Chen, an editor at the South China Morning Post.
Follow Folks On Twitter For On The Ground Knowledge.
Follow folks on Twitter for on the ground knowledge.

You might want to take your pandemic plan home this weekend and spruce it up and make all of those changes to it that you didn’t do after the 2009 H5N1 pandemic.  This is starting to get interesting.