Dubai Fire

I travel a lot.  At least 125K miles a year and 100+ nights in a hotel.  I am conditioned to look for hotel exits…both of the exits (at least) on the floor that I am staying.  I thought about this when I read about the Address Downtown Dubai, a 63-story luxury hotel, that caught on fire New Years eve, interrupting New Year’s Eve celebrations and forcing the authorities to evacuate the area. Apparently it was a very windy evening, and the fire raged through the middle and upper floors of the structure. Yikes!

Officials stated that the fire had “originated from outside” the 20th floor of the hotel and that internal fire systems had prevented it from spreading inside. The media office gave no further explanation as to how the fire had started.

Next time you are in a hotel, for that matter ANY building, know where your exits are…at all times. Your life could depend on it.