Shakemap The 20th anniversary of the Northridge earthquake was this January…that 6.7 earthquake killed 57 people, toppled freeways and buildings and seriously damaged housing in the area.  The 20 years of earthquake calm has created an overall lack of readiness amongst California residents – thankfully that might be changing thanks to the last two quakes!

Two back-to-back earthquakes last Friday — a relatively small one with a magnitude of 3.6, followed by a long and rolling 5.1 quake —has shaken Los Angeles… and there has been nearly 175 smaller aftershocks. It is the first time this area has suffered an earthquake in excess of 5 magnitude since 1997, and it comes two weeks after a 4.4 earthquake jolted residents awake.Clean Up Required

None of these quakes caused injuries or widespread damage, other than broken water pipes and some homes that have been declared at least temporarily uninhabitable. But geologists see them as the predictable end of a cycle: a return to what might be an uncomfortable normal in which 5-magnitude earthquakes become routine events.,0,1095341.story#axzz2xXJ7YLLU