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A screenshot from the airlines FB page – noting that they changed the main page an hour or so after the flight was reported as disappeared.

A Vietnamese Navy AN26 aircraft looking for the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft discovered a 12-mile-long streak of oil across the surface waters of the Gulf of Thailand. The missing planes transponder that regularly transmitted its position via GPS satellites last recorded position of Flight MH370 was 93 miles northeast of Kuala Terengganu, a port on the northeast coast of Peninsular Malaysia

In a development that raised fears of foul play, foreign ministry officials in Vienna and Rome confirmed that the names of two citizens, an Italian and an Austrian, listed on the manifest of the missing flight matched the names on two passports reported stolen in Asia, news reports said. The Italian man, Luigi Maraldi, told the Italian news media that he was currently in Bangkok, and was not the Luigi Maraldi listed on the plane’s manifest. An Austrian Foreign Ministry spokesman would not identify the Austrian.


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And then a bit later, even the blue sky was replaced with a gray background.