Malaysian Authorities Released A Map Showing That The Last Satellite Signal Received From The Plane Had Been Sent From A Point Somewhere Along One Of Two Arcs Spanning Large Distances Across Asia.
Malaysian authorities released a map showing that the last satellite signal received from the plane had been sent from a point somewhere along one of two arcs spanning large distances across Asia.

The entire world has been wrapped up into the search for MH370…a global Kabuki play.  The Malaysia prime minister turned the search for Flight 370 into a criminal investigation on Saturday declaring that the plane had been deliberately diverted from its planned route a week ago from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The plane then flew as much as seven hours to an unknown destination.

The prime minister, said that Malaysia would seek the help of other governments across a large region of Asia in trying to find the plane. The pilot’s home has been inspected by Malaysian police.